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Top 20 Space Agencies in the World

Top 20 Space Agencies in the World

20. The Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA)

Previously known as the Swedish National Space Board, SNSA is now the central governmental agency in Sweden. It carries out both national and international space activities. A number of Swedish satellite projects have been launched into space, including the ESA mission Clockstar and the ESA flagship project, ESERO. SNSA is also the coordinating agency for international space activities and has the right to sign space related contracts on behalf of Sweden.

The aforementioned ESA flagship project ESERO, a consortium of Swedish space companies, has been used by hundreds of thousands of teachers across Europe. ESERO Sweden’s most notable national partner is the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. As a result, KTH has a lot of experience in STEM curriculum and inquiry-based learning resources. KTH’s expertise is also evident in the ESERO flagship’s eponymous ESERO Sweden project.

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